Concerto in D Major | Graphite 2007

Chucks | Graphite 2007

Halved | Watercolor 2017

Watercolor 2017

Damaged *SOLD* | Charcoal on Canvas 2017

2751 | Watercolor 2018

Roland | Graphite & Charcoal 2008

Henry *Commission* | Graphite 2017

Summer Pickles *SOLD* | Watercolor 2017

Watercolor 2017

Watercolor 2018

Misty Mountain Top | Watercolor 2018

Untitled | Charcoal 2008

Herron | Charcoal 2007

Untitled | Watercolor 2017

Watercolor 2017

Luna *Commission* | Watercolor 2018

Watercolor 2018

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Central Indiana Land Trust 2017

The Sustainable Life 2014

Super Bowl XLVI 2012

City of Champaign 2017

Funk & Spandau Law Firm

Fountain Square Arts Council 2016

Arts Council of Indianapolis 2017

Plant Studio Landscape 2015

Kennedy King Neighborhood 2015

Indy Remodel & Restoration 2013



Grease | Bigger Picture Show, Indianapolis 2017

Pleasantville | Bigger Picture Show, Indianapolis 2013

View Finder   | Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, Germany 2010

View Finder | Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, Germany 2010

Damaged *SOLD* | Tiny VI Show: The Year of Vonnegut, 924 Gallery, Indianapolis 2017

Bigger Picture Show, Indianapolis 2016

The Breakfast Club | Bigger Picture Show, Indianapolis 2016

Wet Hot American Summer | Bigger Picture Show, Indianapolis 2014

Gone with the Wind | Bigger Picture Show, Indianapolis 2015

The Thin Blue Line | Indianapolis 2011

Pho-net-icks |Sachsenburg, Germany 2010

Alles Klar: Tales of Kunst, Kumel and Two Button Toilets |Marsh Gallery, Indianapolis 2010

Hugo | Bigger Picture Show, Indianapolis 2012





With a background in graphic design, service design, and public engagement, I bring a unique skillset and perspective to my current place of work, RATIO Architects, and to my community. My expertise in user-centric design thinking empowers the firm and outside organizations to make informed decisions that focus on the holistic user experience of clients.

I believe by better understanding and empathizing with a client's needs at the very beginning of the process will only create a successful final deliverable at the end. 



Health Matters

Garden on the Go, a signature obesity prevention effort, is Indiana University Health's year round mobile produce delivery program, providing fresh, affordable produce to Indianapolis neighborhoods in need. As the mobile nature of the service is well aligned with context based approaches in Service Design, the design researchers perceived potentials to reconfigure the Garden on the Go service as well as to reframe a health care service model from institution to people based. See our published article about this project in Service Design Networks magazine, Touchpoint, below.



Brownfield redevelopment plan

RATIO & Near East Area Renewal (NEAR) are working together to create a new vision for the future of Sherman Park the location of the old RCA Plant. Andrea's in charge of finding out exactly what it is the residents' and stakeholders' needs are for the brownfield by using ethnographic research tools and other data collection methods. 




The Indiana State Department of Health's (ISDH) Maternal and Child Health Division (MCH) developed the Pregnant and Parenting Adolescent Support Systems (PPASS) program. The goals of the PPASS program included: strengthening infrastructure for pregnant and parenting teens in Marion County; reducing subsequent pregnancies; and decreasing high school drop-out rates. The ISDH collaborated with a team from Herron School of Art + Design and Attic Design Collective to implement a new method of communication between the ISDH and pregnant and parenting adolescents.



Ruckle Street pocket park

In 2012, MFCDC started the process of building three pocket parks in their neighborhood on the Near-Northside of Indianapolis. Critical to the success of this undertaking was first understanding the neighborhood’s needs and wants. We began the process with a community conversation, where all residents in the park’s vicinity were invited to discuss what they envisioned for the space. In order to “tap” into their childhood selves, we created a kid-like environment to explore and imagine all of the possibilities. By doing so, we created a judgement-free zone where everyone could express their ideas and fully engage in the moment.



I'm an illustrator, researcher, thinker, educator, artist and designer in Indianapolis. Living in the Indianapolis area, I graduated from Herron School of Art + Design with a BFA in Visual Communication Design and a concentration in Service Design in 2011. I have a passion for the arts and my community and I'm always eager to find a way to combine the two.

You can find me hanging around Garfield Park, enjoying a pint at Garfield Brewery, playing my violin, practicing yoga or painting pretty much any given day.

Street Creds:

+ Taught Visual Communication Design 01 + 02 at Herron School of Art + Design
+ Works as a Design Strategist at RATIO Architects, Inc.
+ Currently taking on freelance work.